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Importance of Roof Ventilation


It wasn’t until within the last 10-15 years that roof ventilation become important to not only builders, but home owners as well.  After years of research, it was determined that roof ventilation is one of the main causes of building condensation problems, which can be devastating to your home.  Let’s review why it is so important to the health of your home.

As you probably already know, ventilation only will work when air is flowing, and in current roofing installations, there are typically two types used:  exhaust and intake vents.  Just as you would expect, the exhaust vents allow air to escape, while the intake vents allow air to enter.  It is important for both types to perform as expected, or damage may start to occur throughout your home.

Since we live in Northeast Ohio, take a minute to consider how your roof looked this past winter.  Did you see lots of ice and icicles on the edges of your roof?  If so, you have a ventilation problem, and this ice damming can cause extreme damage to your roof.  Ice damming occurs when your exhaust vents do not let out the warm air that gathers in your attic.  This causes the snow to melt on your roof and as it collects at the edges, will refreeze causing damage to your roof.

Energy costs can also be affected by poor ventilation of your roof.  When both vent types are working properly, the warm and cool air will move in and out of your attic as it should.  This will help your furnace and air conditioner run as they should, requiring less energy to either heat or cool your home.

In addition to helping control energy costs, proper ventilation can also stop the temperature extremes many homes experience.  For example, do you notice it is ten degrees cooler when you go downstairs?  Indoor extreme temperature changes are also caused by poor roof ventilation. 

Roof ventilation techniques have come a long way and can not only save you money but help preserve the integrity of your home and roof.  It is worth consulting with a trusted professional and determine if your ventilation is performing for you and your home.