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Risks of DIY Residential Roof Repair


Every homeowner is always looking for a way to save money when it comes to home repairs, however, residential roof repair in Northeast Ohio is not something you will want to tackle.  While there are many repairs around the home that you can handle, you should be aware of the risks of DIY residential roof repair.

Here are just a few reasons why you should leave roof repair to the professionals, like CJS Exterior Maintenance:

  • Improper repairs to your residential roof may not only worsen the original problem, but can lead to more extensive issues later, costing you more than what you would have originally spent. Professional roofing companies have training and experience that allows them to not only access your roof’s condition, but complete repairs effectively, and in some cases improve performance of your roof.
  • No matter the condition of your residential roof, or the slope, it is dangerous to be on it! Not to mention carrying heaving materials to the roof on a ladder.  The safety hazards of working on your roof are many, however, trained professionals have the necessary safety training and equipment to get the job done.
  • Do you have a warranty on your roof materials? Many warranties are very specific about what they will cover, and what will void the warranty.  In most situations, they cover manufacturing defects, and if any work is performed by anyone other than a certified roofing professional, it will void the warranty.  This provision is there to protect you and to get the work done correctly!

Your residential roof is one of the biggest assets of your home.  It is there to help protect you and your family from the harsh Northeast Ohio elements, however, they do not last forever.  Make sure you understand the risks of DIY residential roof repair, and then call CJS Exterior Maintenance for professional services you can trust!