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Signs You Need a New Roof


Sometimes the signs are not obvious. When was the last time you thought about your roof?  Most people do not think about the care of their roof until it is too late – ceiling starts leaking, shingles have come loose, or you see rot or sagging when you look at it.  As a homeowner, understanding the signs of roof replacement can save you a lot of aggravation and even thousands of dollars caused by neglection.

Here are a few signs to look for, which may indicate you need a new roof:

  • Start by looking inside your home, the attic to be precise. Go to your attic regularly and look for bright beams of light coming in from the outside.  Also look for stains, or streaks on any of the roof area.  If you see any of these, it might indicate that you have a leaky roof and need the help of a professional.
  • How old is your current roof? A roof’s lifespan can vary for many reasons, and especially here in Northeast Ohio, the weather can take a toll on your roof.  If your roof is nearing 15-20 years old, you may want to consult with a professional, as the lifespan of your roof is nearing its end.
  • It is important that you look at your roof on a regular basis. Is the rooftop keeping its shape or is it sagging or bulging in any areas?  Are there any shingles that have come loose or are “flapping” in the wind?  Either of these scenarios could mean repairs are needed to prevent further damage.
  • Always be aware of dropping roofs, rotting boards, vegetation or moss growing on your roof. These signs typically mean that you have some moisture problems, which if not taken care of can cause thousands of dollars in additional damage.

It is important to care for and view your roof for signs of wear and tear.  Do not panic if you see any of the signs listed here, it may not mean you need an entire new roof, but some much needed repairs.  It is best to contact a licensed and trusted professional.