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Some Commercial Roofing Tips and Options


Owning a commercial building has many items that need attention, one being the roof.  Often neglected or forgotten about, the commercial roof needs your attention year-round for a variety of reasons, such as maintenance and determining repairs, cleaning, weather protection, and planning for replacement.  Identifying potential problems early by inspecting your commercial roof can lessen emergency repairs and allow you to be more informed when it is decision time on replacing your roof.

Here are just a few commercial roofing decisions you will need to make:

  • How often will you have roof inspections done? Because commercial roofs typically take more of a weather beating, it is important to make sure you have your roof inspected several times a year.  Here in Northeast Ohio, it is good practice to have it inspected in the fall, before winter hits, and then again in the spring, after the harsh winter is over.  These inspections will allow you to make repairs before a problem occurs.
  • Is a commercial roof cleaning necessary? It is good practice to clean your commercial roof at the same time you have it inspected.  This will remove debris that can cause damage to your roof and allow the inspector to see problem areas more clearly.
  • Do I need to remove snow and ice from my roof? Building ice and snow on commercial roofs is more common than on residential roofs.  Because commercial roofing varies, it is a good idea to talk with your roofer and have a plan in place before winter hits.
  • What repairs are priority? Once your roof inspector has completed the review, more detail can be discussed about which repairs are priority over others.  Keep in mind that any damage that can cause weight-bearing or structural issues should be number one, with cosmetic issues lower on the priority list.
  • Are there any new industry standards or materials I should ask about? There are always new standards and new materials being released annually, which will help protect your structure.  Your roofer will understand how they can be used in your geographical location, on your type of structure, and what costs are involved.  Ask the questions. 

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your commercial roof healthy and in good shape and will help you in making some very important commercial roofing decisions.  Consider all the variables and be well informed.

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