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Commercial Roofing

A roof is a roof is a roof, right? While many people believe that all roofs are similar, there are some very significant differences in commercial roofing, compared to the normal residential roof. Of course, the obvious differences are, they are most often flat (or less of a slop than residential), they are bigger with more square footage, and that they may use different materials.

Commercial roofing differs in other ways as well, such as the design of the roof. Yes, the roof is typically flat or low slope, however, these types of properties typically have built in drainage systems, heating/cooling equipment installed on the roof, and different ventilation systems. This requires expertise in working around and with these obstacles.

In addition, the material used in a commercial roofing project is different than a residential project. While there may be some asphalt shingles, most often you will see metal panels or other durable materials. When choosing the material, considerations such as life cycle, exposure to elements, and degradation are important.

The biggest difference between a commercial and residential roof is the maintenance. Because of the flat or low slop of a commercial property, the roof takes more of a beating here in Northeast Ohio than your home. Ponding water, membrane punctures, clogged vents and drains, seam separations and more can cause havoc and costly damage to your building.

Understanding a commercial roof is as important as choosing a contractor that can help with the selection of the right roofing materials. CJS Exterior Maintenance has the expertise in commercial roofing to help guide you every step of the way, making sure you get a quality commercial roof!

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