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Roof Hail Damage

Roof hail damage is no stranger in Northeast Ohio. In fact, there have been thousands of homes and businesses that have experienced this damage first hand. While many people may not think about the damage a hail storm can cause, they often will experience the lasting effects later when they experience extended damage to their roof.

While it is often very difficult to determine if you have any hail damage, or the extent of the damage, from the ground, you can look for dents in your gutters or downspouts, or if you had damage to your siding or windows. These signs may mean that you also experienced damage to your roof.

After a hail storm, it is important to conduct an inspection of your roof. If you are not comfortable with being on the roof, or are uncertain what to look for, it is best to call the professionals at CJS Exterior Maintenance. They will look for roof hail damage, such as damage to vents, ventilation, and shingles.

Roof hail damage may include dents, chips, and cracks in your vents and covers, which can cause leaking and other serious issues with ventilation throughout your home. Dented gutters and downspouts can cause water backup, which can cause wood rot, moisture problems, and other leakage problems. And, let’s not forget the damage hail can cause to the shingle itself. It may not look like much but knocking granules off a shingle takes a lot of force, which means that the integrity of the shingle has been compromised. It may not leak today but will develop over time.

The good news is that most insurance companies allow storm damage, and specifically hail damage claims. This will help save you some money, and when you use an expert in repairing storm damage, such as CJS Exterior Maintenance, you are sure to get the job done right.

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