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Winter Roof Damage

Winters in Northeast Ohio can be particularly harsh and even more so for your roof. CJS Exterior Maintenance offers professional roofing services all year. Your roof takes a beating in the winter time, and if you neglect the signs, you may have more costly problems to deal with, such as leaking, sagging roof, and even a collapse. Throughout the winter it is important to keep an eye on your roof. If you see any of these following signs, you should call a professional right away.

Ice is not a good thing to see on your roof, or on the edges of your roof. Both icicles and ice dams can cause extreme damage to your dwelling. The main reason you will see ice is because of ventilation problems. When the warm air from inside your home raises to the attic and ventilation areas, it should escape freely, however, if ventilation is not working properly, it will trap the warm air causing moisture and allowing ice to form. This is bad for many reasons, including, leaks, cracks, wood rot, and mold!

During a winter where you experience heavy snow, you may have to worry about heavy rooftop snow load. While your roof is designed to withstand pressure, poor roof drainage or construction may cause your roof to become over-stressed. This may cause leaks, cracks, and sagging. Roof collapse is very real and can happen. If you have too much snow on your roof, do not wait, call us immediately.

While most roofing companies will tell you to wait until Spring to fix any issues you are having, we take pride in making sure our customers get the service they need, no matter if there is snow on the roof or not. We have done many roofing projects during the winter – give us a call!



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